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~Nine 4 Cupid With Caleb Barnett

Episode 26 is with Detroit’s very own Mr. Caleb Barnett aka lil tut!

Recently going pro for Hockey, we talk all that good skate shit you wanna hear. I asked Caleb about filming for recent videos like “Hockey X” and James Cruickshank’s “SENSIBLES”. Living out in Paris a lot to be with his girl, he talks about his love for Paris, filming out there, and living abroad.

Knowing he had a love for it, I asked him about how he got into boxing. We discussed his origins with it as a kid, his father being a boxer, and training in it as an adult. He talked about his intensive workout routines, sparring, favorite fights, and learning discipline from the sport. I have to say my man had me dying in this interview! The stories he told about getting into it with assholes who tried him were hilarious. I appreciated him saying that he’s never looking for a problem, but that he’s not going to let people get away with violating/disrespecting him or his friends.

A large part of the back half of the interview discusses Caleb’s music career as “lil tut”. Tut talked about getting into making music, always loving writing raps, and how moving in with Genny causing him to start to take music more seriously. Buying beats, sitting in the studio all day making song after song; tut knows the discipline of practice well! He spoke about not being afraid to be himself in the music, singing and rapping on songs, and his love for R&B. Check out lil tut on soundcloud and his videos on YouTube!
Tut will be releasing his first project “Josiah” on August 27th!!

Thank you Caleb and check this shit out!

“Full interview at”

(Also on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, etc.)

Clip by Johnny Wilson

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