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~what is the line between artists and content creators?

time to think

5 replies on “what is the line between artists and content creators?”

is it an actual line or something more similar to the space of an estuary? a fuzzy overlap of intention, outcome, medium, aesthetic and context.

the societal line is blurry but there’s something distinguishable. Intent is a good place to start. A craftsman is different from a factory worker, surely

I totally agree on there being something distinguishable. I just think the line is fluid as to where it separates the two beings. Not sure if that totally makes sense.

ooooh jumping right to the big question haha. This one is so hard to answer just due to the the broadness of defining what it means to “sell out”. At the root of selling out I feel like its purely based on someone personal needs of survival and willingness to “suffer”. Its incredibly hard to define, with any sort of validity, any sort of accurate and repeatable metrics for how or why someone sells out.

I’d almost go as far as saying its almost a spiritual/intrinsic type of exploration.

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