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~Making It, a collective and it’s first GroupShow

The summer of 2021 was a very pivotal moment in my personal journey as an artist, and for many of my artist peers and friends. Rumors of overnight success launched through internet hallways and tunnels and the chatter online led to a frenzy of creators trying to have their voices heard and art seen, myself being one of those artists. It felt as though my efforts were being overshadowed by projects and overnight artists that were simply cashing in on something and getting a cargo load of praise, and funds for “ingenuity”.

So I decided to build a community of creators, friends really,  who’s work I believe is truly unique and is constantly developing, so we could navigate this intersection of the NFT space and art world together. We share our new found knowledge and our recent creations, supporting and critiquing one another. The intention was to infiltrate the mainstream culture of NFTs and have a new standard of art, to show what was really good and worth investing in, and then build a system that works not only for us but the culture as a whole. I couldn’t do it all myself.

What started out as me putting a bunch of my artist friends in a twitter group-chat so they could meet each other would turn into a community, project, and now a group show.

The show will only be on Thursday June 23rd from 12pm -10pm, at Free Advice ( rsvp here


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