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~Museum of Crypto Art: Synthetic Being & Virtual Curator Project

Verrrrrrry quietly, we have been building something monumental, something to address one of the traditional museum model’s major problems. In traditional IRL museums, visitors are left to walk through the gargantuan spaces aimlessly, lacking individual guidance, full of unanswered questions. What if there were a way for every Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) visitor to have a personalized guide within the Museum, someone to answer their questions, provide analysis, and offer insight? It would provide a new curatorial experience, and it would fully decentralize a Museum experience that has been, to this point, hyper-exclusive.

Karan4D, M○C△’s resident AI expert, has spent months building a GPT-J custom model to do just that. He has fed the “Virtual Curator” with over 100,000 words of art criticism by our writer Maxwell Cohen so far, and and it’s now ready to meet you. In 10 years time, we see the Virtual Curator being a synthetic brain and encyclopedia of Crypto Art, educating visitors through VR worlds on the story of NFTs and pointing them to immutable blockchain timestamps.

We invite you to join the M○C△ Forum and help craft our Virtual  Curator’s voice. We request your input under the ‘Permanent Collection’ section of our Forum. There you will find the names of 230 OG crypto artists: each artist minted artwork on the Ethereum blockchain from before December 2020. Browse through our Permanent Collection, and find the artist that interests you, and bring your thoughts into the Forum. Every word added will be integrated into the model. Comment, post, philosophize.

As we develop and release this project throughout 2022, we hope the web3 community can look to us as the first model of an arts and culture institution decentralizing, sparking a widespread desire to get in and get involved. Education and stewardship of fine art must change for Crypto Art and in the age of network effected artistic expression.

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