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~Armando Visits art. #1

As you know, I systematically drop in museums and art galleries in New York City. It’s very entertaining and also, in some way, I get to imitate the act of “falling in love”.

In the past, There has been countless times where I didn’t enjoy the work but I went with intentions are to sit with and appreciate the art. At this moment, these are my recent visits and favorites (in no particular order) in the lower Manhattan area:

Ryan Foerster at Martos Gallery
Jane Dickson at James Fuentes
Lukas Quietzszch at Ramiken
Jake Manning at TIf Sigfrids
David Worjarowicz at P.P.O.W
Nora Torato at 52 Walker
Mary Manning at Canada
Emily Weiner at Brackett Creek Exhibitions

I will be visiting more galleries in the next few days and will keep you all in the loop!

Hope to see you at an opening! Thanks!

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