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~Westside Compost x Serving the People

Westside Compost co-founder Kaile’s Teramoto has a background in the fashion industry, and co-founder Stacy Huynh has been a longtime environmental activist. After bearing constant witness to the detrimental effects our quotidian lifestyles have on the planet, Kaile and Stacy teamed up to create Westside Compost, which serves to present a hands-on approach for change. Championing the concept of re-soiling, Serving the People partnered with Westside Compost to create this introduction to the Westside Compost project, with hopes that this collaboration will make their mission more approachable. Filmed by Jaxon Whittington, styled by Melissa Lim, and edited by Giselle Shiyen, this video provides an introduction to their initiative. More on Westside Compost:

California-based environmental initiative Westside Compost aims to push the needle forward on education and application of environmental practices in our everyday lives.


By bringing accessibility into environmental education, Westside Compost aims to promote the values of re-soiling to help close the food waste cycle.

Re-soiling is a plan of action that replants nutritional soil in areas of the earth which have been degraded by human activity. By composting organic food materials, we can naturally break down food waste into soil and deposit into our own yards, potted plants, and parks. Compost is like gold when it comes to gardening; it provides a slow and steady release of natural nutrients while improving soil structure and retaining more water. 

When we strive to produce our own food, we cut back on corporate food production, pesticides, and food waste. Food waste that is not composted generally goes directly to a landfill, which then creates greenhouse gases that contribute to the heating of our planet.


To educate and invite others to participate in re-soiling, Westside Compost will offer a young adult informational guide with pages to log and track their individual composting process, small metal composting buckets for the kitchen and upcycled, branded t-shirts.


Kaile Teramoto is co-founder of Westside Compost, where she is part of the core leadership team running strategic partnerships, editorial content, and R&D. She encompasses a depth of experience in sustainability and marketing while serving as co-founder and executive of Kaemi, an upcycling e-commerce store. While there, she led Kaemi to be one of the leading sustainable brands in Los Angeles, CA, building a consumer base in vast regions of the world including the United States, Amsterdam, and the United Kingdom. 

Stacy Huynh is co-founder of Westside Compost, where she is part of the core leadership team running business development, operations, and strategic partnerships. Stacy’s main focus is to help scale Westside Compost into a global initiative: influencing policies and lives throughout the world. Throughout her career, Stacy has committed to implementing ESG practices in the businesses she works with. She currently works full-time as Head of Operations at Arcadian Capital, a venture capital firm primarily focused on the ancillary sector of the cannabis industry. With her extensive experience in business development, fundraising, operations, and partnerships, Stacy will help the development of Westside Compost to gain attention on the global stage.

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