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~Los Angeles, Our Forbidden Valentine

Los Angeles, Our Forbidden Valentine

I have a couple things to tell you about Los Angeles. Hollywood starlets once lived in a neighborhood parallel to where the I-10 now runs. Latticed windows and brick manors line West Adams like charms. The best taco you’ll ever have is likely down the street. And there’s a spikey red-haired man with a prop Shop on Adams with knick-knacks you wouldn’t believe.

Nick Metropolis of Nick Metropolis Collectible
Nick Metropolis of Nick Metropolis Collectible

What I could also tell you is that I’ve fallen in love with a city that may never love me back. I don’t think you ever really get to know a place until it lets you. Like nods from faces in cars, smiling eyes, and mid-shift lattes. This seems to be a city for lovers, loners, stoners, and besties if you just tune your ear in and follow the call. Because I promise you smog lifts after the rain. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. 

So promise me you’ll open your heart to this city of Angels just long enough to hear it sing right back. And if your sourdough starter fails, no knead to worry because this city knows no loser, stranger, nemesis, harlot or thief. 

Here are 21 different ways to love Los Angeles; our forever forbidden Valentine:

1. Forgetting Instagram exists some days 

2. Finding your favorite taco 

Taco Zone on Vermont
Taco Zone on Vermont

3. Thai once a week

4. Cemetery walks

5. PCH Coffee

6. Navigation off on weekends

7. Greeting the Hollywood sign as you would an Aunt or Uncle, familiar but never too close 

8. Picnic blanket in Silver Lake Meadow

9. Sneaking books from Free Little Libraries in Los Feliz

Los Feliz Little Free Library Behind Fern Dell
Los Feliz Little Free Library Behind Fern Dell

10. Point Dume for Sunrise

11. El Pescador for Sunset

Sunset from El Pescador
Sunset from El Pescador

12. Avoiding Melrose

13. Art Supplies from Top’s

Top’s Art Supplies in Koreatown (Gives Student Discount!)
Top’s Art Supplies in Koreatown (Gives Student Discount !)

14. Lace from Levy’s

15. Duchovny drives up to Mulholland scenic with windows down

16. Matcha cookies from Yuko

Yuko Kitchen DTLA’s Matcha Cookies
Yuko Kitchen DTLA’s Matcha Cookies

17. Going slow

18. Slower

19. Brunch never

20. Take out forever

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