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~What to Get Your Date for Valentine’s Day

Click the images to check out the jewelry store’s shop!

We love Carol Li, we love freshwater pearls, and whether your Valentine is just a friend or they’re more than that, they’ll love a Janky Jewels friendship bracelet.

Mouth jewelry is in-but-still-niche, and if your date is down to be a year ahead of the trend they’ll loveee this gift. This one is for the tooth gem lover, the girl who regrets letting her medusa piercing close up, or the one who wants a face piercing but can’t bring herself to do it. We’re pretty sure these mouth guards from Daemon Concept just latch onto your bottom lip, so you can just add it to the dish next to your apartment door: phone, keys, wallet, mask, mouth guard!

This is fairy-like but elevated, ornamental but not kitschy. We really, really love these Joanne Burke necklaces, and everything else she makes.

Oh, Harlot Hands. Harder to get your hands on than a Telfar bag, but if you pull up on her with some pearly handmade neck armor she won’t even be mad that you were a week late with the Valentine’s Day gift!

It is just incredibly goated to have this on your bedside table. If your Valentine’s date takes more than one pill a day, or even just a double dose of multivitamins to keep their immune system straight, pull up on them with a Rebekah Bide pill holder, or any of her other cute, less functional jewelry pieces.

“I walk a mile for your smile, it’s embarrassing” – Hex by Bladee 

If Bladee is her favorite rapper she’ll automatically look cute as hell in these dagger earrings by Emma Pryde.

We scrapped the joke about how yeahitsjewelry makes jewelry for centrists, but really, you gotta be a pretty classy lady for this. Leftists can be very classy too! Regardless of your date’s political beliefs, getting your date a yeahitsjewelry charm will excite her just as much as the first episode of the new season of Gossip Girl will.

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