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~Wretched Light Industry

Wʀᴇᴛᴄʜᴇᴅ Lɪɢʜᴛ Iɴᴅᴜsᴛʀʏ has arrived on – a collaborative virtual world cobbled together in Scotland by @ueq__ & @darlingtonjay

The map of Eilean Fogg comprises 33 environments made by emerging digital artists, magicians, jammers, worlders and dreamers from all over our globe. Wander freely around our sunny isle; there might be mazes, offices, sea serpents, sheep, shrines, forests and more.

Hypercubes by Alfie Dwyer
I’m a multimedia artist, animator, and filmmaker. My work focuses on the human body, the digital world, and dark comedy. I’m also interested in new ways of looking at images, and new ways of looking at reality.

Harris Isle by Alice Pool
I am an Artist from Sheffield, currently living in Glasgow. I studied at the Glasgow School of Art, and graduated in 2020, in the Department of Sculpture & Environmental Art. My current practice uses digital animation, I generate 3D computer images, in which I try to share an aesthetic experience. Building emotional and poetic worlds in the digital inevitably provokes me to explore people’s relationship to their own history and their perception of time, experience, and memory.

Crying in the Chapel by Angus MacDonald
A recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, I am a multidisciplinary artist and musician working with installation, animation, and performance. In 2019 – March 2020 I was involved with Sonomama sessions, a monthly session of improvised performances and discussions at the CCA: Glasgow. Recently, I have been directing and animating a music video for This Is The Deep, a London based collective.

Asks Air Silence (This Time, I’m Gonna Lose) by Anna Clegg
My practice revolves around ideas of embodiment, presence and memory as mediated by technology and the image. The body now only a semi-present state, constant access to media has allowed for a rift between embodied reality and a secondary, image-based existence to form, and a certain motion sickness ensues. Technology acts to heighten phenomena, allowing for the incarnation of extra information: lens flare, copy-paste, bicubic interpolation, slow motion, the solidification of smoke – rendered as heavy as the Pepsi bottle it cloaks. My paintings strive to mimic bodies of software whose intended purpose is to filter reallife phenomena; a voice thinned by autotune, an image veiled with copies of itself. Visual effects overlay media to signify a distancing in both space and time innate to memory, yet the mask is illusionary. The wet haze plaguing the remembered image in cinema, the reverb following dialogue like a ghost, seem to forget that memory has access to your body in a way most physical realities, save perhaps for invasive surgery, don’t. It exists inside the skin. Anna Clegg is a visual artist working with painting, photography, video and sound. She studied at Chelsea College of Arts, where she achieved a First Class Honours for BA Fine Art, and at Universität der Künste Berlin. In 2018 she won the £10,000 Painter-Stainers’ Company prize for painting, and won the Court Barn Bursary award in 2016. She lives and works in London.

To Love Lock by Antonio Parker-Rees
I’ve always seen myself primarily as a painter. Although my practice extends across a range of mediums from digital model making to printed textiles, I aim to maintain painting’s sensibility throughout. The imagery and processes I use often deal with themes of desire, labour, attention and immediacy. Adopting relatively arbitrary motifs and imagery, my work tries to open space between purpose and affect, resulting in combinations which can feel antithetical and weird, even ghostly.

00000000 by Ariel Helyes
Ariel Helyes is a London based artist working with video, sculpture and appropriation to address ideas of powerlessness, labour and finance. He is part of the conceptual creative agency Declined & Deceased. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2020. Recent exhibitions include 50/50 in Fold Gallery, London, When Grasshoppers Make their Great Leaps in Téte, Berlin and Attention Anticipation Anxiety Relief Release in Fitzrovia Gallery, London.

Stuttered Heart by Bel Docherty
Bel Docherty is a freelance CGI artist currently based in Paris, using digital mediums for object, space and image creation. Recent graduate from The Glasgow School of Art with a BA (Hons) in Communication Design. Her work explores future potential design processes and the visualisation of scent and the culture that surrounds it. With experience in textiles and sculpture, her work researches the digital materiality of objects in aim to feel real and engaging, while communicating initially intangible and abstract ideas. Her design process takes visual reference from luxury fashion, technology advertising and contemporary graphic design in the venture to create clean, inventive graphics.

Eyewitnessed Accounts by Benjamin Hall
I am an artist, animator, filmmaker, gamemaker and writer based in Glasgow, Scotland. My practice examines the fatalistic relationship between predictability and chaos, and their confusion, conflation and obfuscation by contemporary systems of digitised control. I recently graduated from BA Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art, where I led DS2020 Simulator; a student project that recreated the cohort’s cancelled degree show as a free and accessible game. It featured the work of 136 affected graduates, and both DS2020 Simulator and I appeared on BBC One, BBC Radio Scotland, the List UK and more. My work has also appeared on the Piccadilly Circus billboard as part of CIRCA’s c. 20:20 series (2020), in the Wrong Biennale (2019/20), Visual Arts Scotland’s Graduate Showcase (2020), HomeBrew Digital Commissions (2020) and Digital Artist Residency (2020).

Violet Inferno by Cat McClay and Éiméar McClay
Our collaborative work considers ideas of queerness, abjection and patriarchal systems of power and oppression through an interdisciplinary body of work comprising video, 3D models, installation and digital collage; it draws on and seeks to examine the historical narration of the queer body within heteronormative society. By amalgamating striking visuals, academic research, politics and references to popular culture, we aim to collapse hierarchies between high and low cultural material. We focus on the pervasive influence of Christianity, and the social expression of the normative values communicated by religious institutions. Expanding on this, we explore the influence that dominant cultural texts – including the bible – have over identity formation, focussing particularly on how they both shape and are shaped by societal attitudes.

VG+b by Dexter Stokes-Mellor
My work focuses on cultural phenomenon like cinema and club culture with an added awareness of other contemporary artistic practices. ‘24x Psycho’ for example. Using Douglas Gordon’s ’24 Hour Psycho’ as a inspiration to create a new rendition of an already loved artwork. Or my work ‘I listen to Blue Monday every Monday’ that being almost meditative video piece on the worldwide impact and effect of club music, and specifically the effect of Blue Monday. More work re-contextualises already known phenomena and place the viewer into a position where they have no choice but to think of this phoneme in an entirely different light.

unfolding by Enorê
Enorê is an artist from Rio de Janeiro currently based in London, where they have recently completed their MFA in Fine Arts at Goldsmiths. Their work revolves around the fluidity of digital media into physicality and back, the modes of translation and transcoding that arise from these dynamics and how that relates to ways in which the body itself mediates and processes information. They work in multiple media including, but not limited to, computer programming, 3D modelling, painting, ceramics and textile; and have recently exhibited with BBZ BLK BK, Circa Art Class of 2020 and NEoN Digital Arts.

Salmonopticon 2025 by Finn Rabbitt Dove & Toby Mills
Salmonopticon 2025 follows the story of Sarah, a salmon farm worker, in a not too distant future where human systems of domestication have filtered down into the species they wish to domesticate. This mystery game builds on Prof. Marianne Lien’s chapter, ‘Unruly Appetites: Salmon Domestication “All the way down”’, to speculate human, salmon, cleaner fish and sea lice relations in the near future.
Finn’s Website
Toby’s Email

Cemetery of the Holy Doors by Hannah Lim & Hugo Harris
Hannah Lim and Hugo Harris combine their artistic practices in a series of collaborative pieces – joining Hugo’s sculptural work, which is primarily concerned with the human body and Hannah’s, which she uses to explore concepts of cultural identity through sculptural design. Digitising their physical sculptural work and line drawings through photogrammetry allows them to have conversations through software, sending work back and forth to one another, adding and manipulating the object with each ‘reply’.

The most recent architectural designs have been influenced by a series of classical style buildings from places that the pair have spent time together; Edinburgh, Florence and West London. Using photo scans as their building blocks Hugo has created structures inspired by such buildings, Hannah then continues the design process, incorporating features more characteristic of Chinese Imperial buildings along with colour. The finished structures blend elements of Western and Eastern architectural designs, enabling them to have a sculptural, digital dialogue through which they have been able to communicate their own artistic styles and interests to one another.
Hugo’s Website
Hannah’s Website

Whowle by Harriet Davey
Harriet Davey (She/Her) is a 3D Artist, Graphic Designer, and AR creator based across London and Berlin. Obsessed with questioning what it means to be fluid and human in a digital world: her work examines and interrogates the ugly and the beautiful; the maximum and the minimum; the online and the offline.

Freefall II (Rethinking Ruderal Ecologies) by India Stanbra
Engaging with a world increasingly mediated by the presence of technology, my practice asks how our intimacy with the screen, and our relationship with the artificial might evolve and adapt in a posthuman context. Using 3D software to mimic and reconstruct moments from the everyday, my work explores the referential quality of digital imagery in its imitation of reality. I am interested in how the viewer encounters these simulated moments, speculatively exploring alternate modes of seeing and understanding.

Into The Wild Blue Yonder: Part 1 by Jake Major
My work centres around an extraordinary curiosity towards the mountains of fictional and fantastical media that surrounds us all. Holding the belief that the endless heroic journeys taken by the icon’s of these imaginary worlds have been formative of my own identity and our culture at large, some time ago I assumed the alter ego of Don Quixote through my artistic practice. A maniacal nobleman, one who has lost their mind, endeavouring to revive the age of chivalry and heroism. Employing digital rendering software and video game engines, this virtual disguise allows me to insert myself into an unreal fantasy. To be a hero of my owncinemtaic universe and the master of my own video game land.

Pine Processionary by Jay Darlington
Jay Darlington (22) is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, and a recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art. Jay’s work aims to question the autonomy of virtual systems, doing so through the exploration of the barrier between our physical experience and the mythical powers of the signal-based information we digest: the internet, video games, and cinema. Through video installation and 3d printed/cast sculptural work, Jay focuses upon the idea that the virtual has locked us in a paradoxical state; we are seemingly stuck in an environment of hyper speed, yet in many ways lack any forward motion. Standstill.

Take me lightly by Jazeel Ameen
Jazeel is currently in the midst of a storm figuring out how to accept/reject the non-affordances we aren’t vulnerable to as non-participants of the un-designed un-curated un-vetted experiences nervously hovering at the fringes of our lives. Currently working as an Experience Designer in the tech industry, the battle rages on as he attempts to advocate for interfaces which can hurt you unexpectedly (they’re trying to do their best!) and hopefully get you to cry yourself to sleep for abusing an elevator button. He was born and raised in Chennai and graduated with a Design degree from IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay.

SOFT SANCTUARY OF MINE by Joe Jack Chapman & Luke Thompson
Uk based multidisciplinary artist whose work threads together speculative world building, digitally rendered matter, and physically archived material with the intention to broaden our ideas of companionship, playing and the cultivation of my own virtual ecosystem. Drawing reference from The Codex Seraphinianus, Satoshi Tajiri’s “Pocket Monsters”, Miyazaki’s fantasy worlds and organic occurrences in the nature. Each piece of work, whether a rendered animation, textile piece or inkjet print- expands upon this imagined ecosystem continuously, not driven by hardwired evolution but instead by digital experimentation.

But I Have My Gossips! by Johanna Saunderson
Johanna Saunderson creates work that seeks to unearth intimacies between time, place and the more than human. Through moving image, sound and sculpture she builds environments that contain multiple perspectives and hold space for contradiction. Johanna is a 2020 graduate from Glasgow School of Art and currently participating in Wysing Arts Centre’s AMPlify residency, a learning programme using digital tools to create future visions of the world.

sunrise/sunset/all the god time by Kate Frances Lingard
Kate Frances Lingard lives and works in Glasgow. At the moment, they are thinking about how to enact an ethics/politics of care within the digital commons. Working with digitally created images, objects, environments and playing around with programming, they hope to question systems that define how we act and live together. Recently, they have been working with friends and collaborators to discuss the possibilities and complexities of decentralised and distributed technologies as shared infrastructure. The work for Wretched Light Industry has stemmed from ideas of interdependency, reliance, exhaustion and illness using references to bodily systems as a way of understanding complex interconnectedness.

Plinths by Luca Guarino
Luca Guarino is a multimedia artist based in Glasgow and Canterbury. In his work, he imagines unreal spaces where the interfaces and apathy of digital media pour into the physical world in ways that are at once seductive and uncanny, resulting in surreal works that invert images and objects’ relationships with each other and the viewer. This work is a meditation on an increasingly tactile digital media contesting the attention of the physical world and static image making.

The Land of Everythingness by Niamh Lynch
Niamh Lynch uses situations found on Reddit relationship advice forums and builds upon them through scripts, monologues and fairy tales. A process notably similar to the growing trend of writing Fan Fiction online, something that allows people to project their own experiences or fantasies onto established fictional characters. A key influence on her writing is the melodrama found in Young Adult Fiction. By combining the desperation and longing expressed in this genre with the situations she finds on Reddit, Lynch moulds the existing scenarios into her own new narratives. The combination of real-life scenarios and melodramatic fiction blurs the lines of reality and fantasy, a distinction that is further blurred by the Reddit posts themselves, as there is no way to know if they are ‘real’ to begin with. In Lynch’s work there is no separation between humans and cartoons, with cartoon-like characters acting as vessels to explore complicated human relationships. These characters are disarmingly cute on the surface, with the childish aesthetic providing a thin veil to mask the sinister and melancholy subtext.

Threshold by Nicholas Delap
Nicholas Delap is a Digital artist who explores wilderness, Post Humanism and re-wilding as themes within his artworks, creating immersive and other worldly virtual environments, sculptures and video installations. His work seeks to undermine the traditional boundaries between the Human, The Natural and the Technological.

Shinkokyu by nenemu.lab (Aubrie, Yurike, Sorutie)
nenemu.lab is a diverse team of creatives based in Tokyo, Japan. Consisted of Aubrie (Visual Artist, Motion Designer), Yurike (Interaction Designer, Technical Specialist), Sorutie (Digital Designer, Illustrator), members are from Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore. We are young aspiring creators who use interactive media art as a contemplative platform to tell meaningful stories. Our narratives revolve around human nature, creating and opening up dialogues and perspectives on human vulnerabilities. The tools we utilize are unlimited: we play with 2D and 3D visuals, crafting, projection mapping, and any suitable materials and technologies. For us the journey of constant experimentation echoes with our creative growth individually and collectively.
Aubrie’s Website
Yurike’s Website
Sorutie’s Behance

In Love with the Radio-Man by Oma Keeling
Oma Keeling – Glasgow based artist and researcher. I work across mediums and am interested in the combination and glitches of the analogue and digital. My focus is on the boundaries of emotive communication, the language of games and play, and the difficulties of expression.

Charging Bull by Rebecca Gill
Rebecca is based in Glasgow. Her research interests are currently centred around the distributive mechanisms of power in network politics and the means by which these structure social organisation in digital space. She has been writing and researching on value designation in digital spaces of knowledge production/ organisation, and the economic, social and political bases that influence the weight these values hold.

PLANTAESICA-C. by Sade Arellano & Ark Audio
My practice shape-shifts between mediums across a network of digital alter-egos. In my work I attempt to investigate the collective experience of chronic human mortality bound in the matrix of advanced capitalism and technology, and attempt to deprogram and glitsch the mythology of dualisms (e.g Mind/Body, Organic/Synthetic, Digital/Physical, Internal/External). I do this through various forms of playing; I play with my food, with artificial intelligence, and language. My work and I exist mostly in the virtual plane, expanding and contracting around a constellation of digitally archived moments, histories and cultures. Both online and offline I create visuals, objects and sounds, and spaces that evoke a range of unfamiliar human emotions such as apprehensive happiness, ecstatic disgust, giddy confusion and existential lust.

genesis glade by Salvi de Sena
Working primarily within 3D animation, sound and text; Salvi De Sena (b. 1998, Somerset) is curiously preoccupied with the enigmatic qualities of the physical elements through which we live. In his work, the geological strata beneath one’s feet and the charged atmospheres above become the imprint surfaces of unseen pasts and strange enmeshments of bodies and landscapes — melted whisper music of ethereal origins; dusts of primeval formations and creatures; and fossilised moments of queer desire manifest themselves materially and rise up to the surface of perception.

European Pastoral Landscape with Citizen by Sean Robertson
Sean Robertson is an interdisciplinary artist interested in the manufacturing of social narrative and essence, investigating the construction of character through flesh, proxy, and dystopian universalities. Working across video, simulation, animation, installation, painting, and etching, he is increasingly pursuing collaborative performance works utilising new media.

TOO GUILTY by Soorin Shin
I am Soorin Shin, not yet a cyborg, rather an analogue human celebrating the digital age. Feminism, racial discussions and environmental issues are integral to my practice. It takes its forms in digital and physical shapes: sculpture, installation, performance, graphic art, moving images, 3D modelling and 3D printing.


Tasha Lizak,(b. 1996), is a visual artist who lives and works in Glasgow. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2019, where she studied Sculpture and Environmental Art. Working across digital moving image, she endorses 3D softwares to construct spaces that are then used in videos, paintings, and prints, creating a network of works that are inherently intertwined. Interested in our contemporary ecology; an hallucinatory entanglement of multiple realms, logics, systems and ideas, her practice navigates through themes of the supernatural in coherence with our saturated digital culture. Since graduating she has been part of group shows at DeFormal Gallery (New York), Outpost Gallery (Norwich), and was selected for the Scottish Sculpture Workshop Graduate Award Residency (Lumsden).

The oracle by Zach Beech
Zach Beech is a London-based visual artist and filmmaker. Working primarily in video and image making, his work uses a mixture of digital collage and 3d animation. Beech delivers his aesthetic of stylised photorealism through the use of real time graphics powered by game engines, and touches on themes of fantasy, political irony and the gamification of everyday life.

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